What qualifications do I need to be a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist help ensure your body moves in all the right places! Sometimes you can lose range of movement through ill health, accidents or simply through old age.

Physiotherapists do this in a variety of ways, for example by massaging your muscles, giving you exercises to build up wasted muscles or sometimes using electronic machines such as ultrasound.

Some physiotherapists work in hospitals and may help with rehabilitating patients after operations or strokes. Some work in the community and help with a whole host of subjects. Combined, the areas that physiotherapists cover include;

• outpatients
• intensive care
• womens health
• care of the elderly
• stroke patients
• orthopaedics
• mental illness
• learning difficulties
• occupational health
• terminally ill
• paediatrics

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GCSEs required
You will need five good GCSEs including at least one science.

A-levels required
You will need three good, or high graded A-levels again including one science.

Degree or further educational requirement
You will then need to complete a three or four year degree in Physiotherapy (BSc) at university .

Professional Body
If you want to work in a hospital then you will need to be registered with the Health Professionals Council HPC. There is also a Chartered Society of Physiotherapists www.csp.org.uk/

How long will it take to get qualified?

Typical salary £25,000 to £30,000

Useful websites
The Physiotherapy page of the NHS site www.nhs.uk
The Physiotherapy Journal www.physiotherapyjournal.com